As far back as Jon found out about his Targaryen legacy, Game of Thrones season 8 has been pitching towards a battle – one that at long last came in the season finale, with Jon slaughtering Daenerys and putting a conclusion to her concise rule as the Mad Queen. This finishes the rule of the Targaryens totally since Jon was the remainder of that bloodline and his discipline for his wrongdoing of turning into the Queenslayer was to take the black (once more) and head north to the Wall!!!..what’s more, past.

Game of Thrones season 8 over and over made two things unmistakable: that Jon didn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne himself, and that he was totally committed to Daenerys as his Queen. Indeed, even after the revelation that his sweetheart was really his aunt crushed Jon’s craving to be anything over Daenerys’ subject, regardless he stayed faithful to her. Jon may even have had the option to pardon Daenerys for her terrible slaughter of the general population of King’s Landing, however, when she uncovered her arrangements to “free” the remainder of the world, in a similar way, he was left with a hard decision. It is possible that he could keep on supporting Daenerys’ rule, and be complicit in her violations, or he could utilize their cosy relationship as a way to put a conclusion to the Mad Queen.

Eventually, Jon picked the last choice – encouraged by Arya as well as by Tyrion, who advised that Daenerys would slaughter his whole family when they definitely got in her manner. While Daenerys’ guard was down, Jon wounded her with his knife, putting a conclusion to her life. Daenerys’ body was diverted by Dragon, and Jon arranged to acknowledge whatever discipline was given to him for murdering the Queen of Westeros.


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