Best Way to Learn Fast Typing: Tips that work

Learn Fast typing is a skill that anyone can master with practice, time, and patience. To become a master in fast typing you have to learn the skill of”Touch Typing”, i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard.

Once you are capable to do it, you will notice that your speed of typing will go up. The only thing you need to know is the position of your fingers on the keys. To master the keys and type without looking at the keyboard, you will need to learn about the position of the fingers to be placed on the keyboard.

In this article, you will learn fast typing skills by practicing some methods. This whole article is divided into four simple parts.

  • First Part – In this part, you will learn to arrange your workspace, sitting posture and holding the posture. Which is important for your comfort.
  • Second Part – In part two, you will learn three things, first is about your keyboard, second is placing your fingers in the right position and practicing the keyboard.
  • Third Part – In part three, you will learn about touch typing, which means typing without sight of the keyboard or the feel of the keyboard and how to monitor your progress.
  • Fourth Part – This part is about practice and improvement. Here we have explained some practice methods. 

Let’s get started!!

1. Creating your typing and workspace

Setting up your typing and workspace is important because learning fast typing is a long process for which you need to be comfortable. For this, you need a workspace which is clean, ventilated and comfortable. You may need a desk or a proper table. You cannot type with a laptop or a keyboard on the lap. Comfort is important for this extended process.

Fix your Posture

The best position for typing is to sit with back straight, feet flat on the ground, elbows bent at the right angle with the wrist in a position that your fingers cover the keyboard. Head tilted down slightly to look at your screen.

Holding your position

It is important to hold this position to avoid aching of the wrist, back, and shoulders, which may distract your concentration.

2. Know your Keyboard

The layout used for the keyboard is “QWERTY”, it is named so because of the letters placed in the upper left corner. There are other keyboards with different keys around these main ones to operate several things.

Memorize the position of the letters and punctuations marks on the keys. You need to know the position of the keys without looking at them. This is important to be a fast typist.

Placing fingers at the right position

You need to place your hands in such a position that your fingers cover the keyboard. Your left hand should be at 45 degrees slightly to the right, whereas your right hand, should be at 145 degrees slightly to the left.

  • The left-hand index finger should rest in the letter F. It should also hit the letters F, C, V, G, T, 6 and 5.
  • The Middle finger of the left hand should rest on the letter D, it should also hit D, R, C, and X.
  • The Ring finger of your left hand should hit the letter S and it should also hit the characters Z, E, 4 and 3.
  • The pinkies finger should rest on the key A, it should also hit the characters `, 2, 1, W, Q, Tab. Shift. and Ctrl.
  • The Right index finger should hit on the letter J and should reach the characters: 6, 7, U, J, N, M, H, Y, and B.
  • The Middle finger of your right hand should rest on the letter K and should hit the characters: K, I, 8, and the comma key.
  • Your right ring finger should rest on the letter L and should reach the characters: L, the full stop key, O, and 9.
  • Your right pinkie finger should hit on the semi-colon (;) key, and should hit the characters: semi-colon, P, /, 0, ‘, -, =, [, ], #, Shift, Enter, Backspace, and the Ctrl key.
  • Left and right thumbs should be placed on the space bar.

Practice the keys and say out loud

Look at the screen pronounce the key and press it. This will help you to memorize the position of the keys. Keep practicing this unless and until you memorize them.

3. Touch Typing

Typing without looking at your keyboard is “Touch Typing”.  Touch typing is the quickest way possible to type.

Touch Typing is a frustrating way of typing at the beginning, but with work and patience, you will improve.

Record your speed

Typing speed is measured is WPM (words per minute). Search the keyword “Measure WPM” in the browser and click on one of the results for a simple test.

Keep the record of your speed daily, to analyze your development.

4. Practice and Practice

To become a master at fast typing you need to practice for at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. Open a document and start typing continuously, you will notice that you are making fewer mistakes and your speed is increasing. Remember “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Practice with dictation

Listen to someone or something and start typing. This will improve your confidence and your speed too. The best way to practice, a dictation is, listen to a TV program and type at the same time, this will increase your speed gradually.

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You can check typing speed on any typing software available online. Just google it.


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