In this Reddit Guide, we will talk basics off Reddit and how you can use it. Reddit called itself the front page of the internet, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you just take a look at Reddit front page you will see the posts with lots of trending posts with lots of votes in it.

Most people don’t know what Reddit is and how to use it. Therefore we are here to tell you everything you need to know about Reddit. So let’s start with this guide.

Reddit is one popular website in the world. According to Alexa rank, it is the top 50 websites. Although Alexa rank changes according to its popularity and usage but Reddit still maintained its position in top place. Reddit has a monthly 330 Million active users worldwide and more than 26 million active American users per month.

So you will wonder why Reddit is the top website on the internet? It is because it is a community where people share lots of stuff. What kind of stuff? The information. Reddit has a simple site structure. If you open you will see a simple page with posts on it. Then you know who share these posts, Reddit right. No wrong, Reddit is an online community where people share the online trending stuff, news and lot’s more things. Users who share content on Reddit are called the Redditors.

Reddit front page

Things you can do on Reddit

Reddit is simple to use if you scroll Reddit for some time and opened some of the posts you will understand how it works. To make Reddit simple I’ll explain everything to you in this guide.

In Reddit, there are tones of subreddit. Subreddit is defined as a category in Reddit, There are tones of categories in it. If you search a specific keyword in the search bar it will show you related subreddit present in Reddit. Every subreddit is different and everyone has different rules according to its type.


As I mentioned earlier there are only a few activities you can do on Reddit We will discuss it here.

You can post your content on Reddit. There are options to create a post if you look at the right side of the page. When you click on it there is the first option to chose the community where you want to post. You can select relevant subreddit the content you are posting.

Then there are 3 sections where you can do a remaining thing

You can add text post, Image & Video or Link. You can submit any of the types there.
Before posting anything in Reddit keep in mind that there are rules you have to follow. Every subreddit has different rules and it is moderated by moderators. If you try to spam or post irrelevant things, then your post will be removed and your account will be shadowbanned in some cases.

Post on reddit

Let’s talk about karma

Reddit karma

If you see some users profile on Reddit you will find out there is a karma present there. So what is that karma anyway?
Karma is like an authority or reputation, more the karma has a more popular profile becomes. Also, there are some subreddits who has the rule to post according to their karma. You have at least 100 karma to post on subreddits, the more the better.
There are two types of karma counted in Reddit.

  1. Link Karma
  2. Comment Karma.

You will earn 1 link karma every time you post or submit in Reddit. and comment karma is when you comment on other’s posts.

See there are some people they have thousands of karma like this one

Increase reddit karma

You were probably thinking that you have to post that many posts and comments to gain that much karma. Nahhh!
Reddit has another feature that is called upvote and downvote. This feature will help you to grow karma fast. In Reddit whenever you post or comment something, then it is upvoted or downvoted by another redittors. those votes are also counted as karma. For example, you posted something on Reddit and if people like that post then they upvote your post.

The number of upvotes is counted as link karma. The same is for comment, but it is counted as comment karma. In your profile, it is showing karma equal to karmas.
There is another thing that if you posted or commented something that people don’t like then they will downvote your post/comment and your karma decreases.

Try to post relevant content to subreddits and keep active in it. You will see karma will increase eventually.

I hope you learned the basics of the Reddit in this guide. If I missed anything or you have any questions feel free to ask.

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